William Cox Minerals Ltd have an extensive range of processed minerals available or we can tailor to suit your requirements. We have trusted sources that we have used for over 20 years.

Calcium Carbonate

William Cox Minerals Ltd have been importing high quality micronized and treated Calcium Carbonates since 1984 with some products certified to the level of food processing and pharmaceutical grades. These products are used in a variety of applications from plastics to bread.

Some examples of our stock are:
Calfort 3; Microcarb LB 10T; Microcarb 60T; Microcarb 160T; Calzine 25 and Calzine 45.

Barium Sulphate - Barytes

Numerous grades and particle sizes are available including a super micronized range. Our products are well-known for the high brightness and good chemical resistance. Barytes is particularly suited to applications where high density is required.

Some examples of our stock are:
Microbytes 5 Barytes; Microbytes 7 Barytes; Microbytes 10 Barytes; Milbar B45 Barytes; Milbar 7 Barytes.


Our range of Talc is made from high quality steatite talc. It has high brightness, excellent slip, is free from grit and contains no tremolite or asbestiform materials.


We have various grades of Silica available from a trusted supply source.

Kaolin Clay

We offer a wide range of Kaolin Clay with various colour grades and particle sizes to suit, including high whiteness when required.


We have dry and wet ground Mica available to us from two sources including high grade “Kings Mountain” Mica from the USA.

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